Light industry

Clothing and footwear production has an important role in the Estonian light industry. According to Statistics Estonia the latter products and produced textiles formed a total of 8.1% of the share in the retail market.

More than 400 companies in Estonia are producing clothing, and the sector offers employment for about 6000 people. The main export markets for the Estonian clothing manufacturers are Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Norway and Germany, and in 2013 the outbound freight volumes were over 100 million euros.

Many businesses in Viljandi County produce footwear and clothing. Their experience, constant product development and ability to keep up with modern technologies ensure that they are significant partners for organisations both in Estonia and abroad.

Products made by OÜ Abris are available in the Baltic, Scandinavian and other markets. Ritico, which operates in Viljandi County, has become one of the largest insole manufacturers in Eastern Europe.

Having more than 20 years of experience, Nancotex Eesti OÜ produces clothes for both children and adults and exports its production to Scandinavia. The success of OÜ Hamery is affirmed by their cooperation with such wellknown brands as Seppäla, Lindex and Halens.