Why Estonia ?

Because Estonia operates a liberal economic policy that values private property and treats all entrepreneurs on an equal level. The state’s objectives are to foster entrepreneurial activities and the creation of employment; and as Estonia is a leader in internet-based services, it is easy to make your business grow.

Estonia is trusted by a great many international organisations. Both the NATO Cyber Defence Centre and the European Union’s IT Agency are located here. Estonia is a part of the European Union, the OECD, NATO, and the Schengen Area.


  • Estonia is a convenient place to do business in the CEE (as per World Bank Doing Business Report of 2010)
  • Economic freedom is the highest and corruption is the lowest in CEE.
  • Estonia has one of the most flexible labour laws in the EU.
  • Estonia has simple and efficient tax system, corporate income tax is 0% on retained earnings.
  • Estonia’s development is support by its government as well as  EU structural funds.
  • Estonia’s location is close to Russian, Scandinavian and Baltic markets.
  • Estonians speak English.
  • Estonian labour costs are 3-5 times lower than Nordic countries.
  • The unemployment rate is high and so the availability of work force is easy.