Why invest in Viljandi?

Viljandi County is situated in the southwest of Estonia, and is bordered to the south by the Republic of Latvia and to the east by the Russian Federation district of Pskov. It is therefore the perfect location for an international business.International transport corridors pass close through Viljandi County and Tartu airport is nearby. No cargo will get stuck here.

Viljandi County’s advantages include its great developmental potential, and the availability to a qualified low cost workforce and the existing industrial areas.

In a nutshell,

  • The labor costs are less in Viljandi compared to the capital city Tallinn, as well as other major cities of Estonia. The work force is educated,skilled and good in English alongwith Estonian and Russian languages.
  • The average living costs are less in Viljandi compared to all main cities of Estonia.
  • Because the local unemployment rate is high now, the availability of work force is easy. Viljandites are very loyal and highly efficient at work place.
  • Viljandi has very good knowledge in steel,wood processing,handmade textile,meat and diary,ICT and other electronic industries ,and is eager to welcome any new kind of industry.
  • Viljandi has a great location geographically with convenient access to roads and railroads.Viljandi is well connected to important cities like Tallinn which is less than 2 hrs away, Tartu and Parnu are 1 hour,Riga is around 3 hours ,Pskov is 2 hours and St.Petersburg is around 5 hours away ,by road .
  • Viljandi has abundance of industrial land with good infrastructure and it offers a pollution free work environment.
  • Viljandi is famous in Estonia and the Baltics for its beautiful lakes and hills,forests and a very unqiue culture.